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Winter Break

Hello to our readers! We have finished posting for the semester, but we will start up again in January. Thank you for reading, good luck with finals, and have a wonderful break!


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This year, we have made great progress in many different areas of human health. We have researched Alzheimer’s, as well as diabetes and cancer. Wouldn’t you like to know just how far we’ve come this year? Time Magazine has published an informative and fascinating feature, “This Year in Health.” Check it out.

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Throughout all of high school, I was a rower, so I have plenty experience exercising in pretty nasty weather.  Rowing in Pittsburgh means rowing with white caps rather regularly, so when it came to fall training, I regularly drove home wet and shivering.

My teammates and I always felt tougher as we approached races because we knew that we had rowed in worse conditions and lived. In college, I decided to quit rowing and turned to running instead; but, unlike with rowing, I made excuses when it rained and snowed.  While I’d run inside, avoiding the outdoors shook my exercise schedule.  So this year, I’ve resolved to continue running outside, although clearly, winter hasn’t come as soon as it did last year.  To help strengthen my resolve, I looked for winter exercising tips. I found a great website. Cold-induced asthma should not be an issue for most people.  The air is warmed to body temperature by the time it reaches lung tissue.  The dryness rather than the cold is irritating.  This winter, I plan to run outside rather than on the treadmill.  I will wear layers  to prevent frost bite and wear a balaclava to moisten and warm the air I breathe. I’ll be prepared for the cold the moment the weather dips below its current 40 degree low.

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