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As someone who exercises most every day, I often reach a burnout point with cardio equipment, weight training routines, and too-often jogged paths. This New Years, I made a fitness resolution not to increase my workouts, but instead to find ways to build exercise into my day in a way that engages not only my muscles but my mind. I’ve incorporated new dance and aerobics classes into my weekly mix of workouts, because the choreography requires me to stay present and mindful of my body. Instead of pushing myself to go harder or farther, I challenge myself to commit a new skill to muscle memory. I also eliminated one standard gym workout per week. Rather than plateau, or worse, frustrate myself into avoiding exercise altogether, I try to find an activity every weekend where I can both move and see new things. One weekend I walked from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Midtown with a friend, window shopping and running errands. Another week, I just took the stairs everywhere that day, and did some pushups and ab workouts in my room. Anything to be outside the gym, without the stress of changing clothes or the annoyance of having forgotten socks, a magazine, or deodorant.

So, as part of my resolution, I’ve discovered the Upcoming Events calendar on the website of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Many of the parks offer walking tours, which are both educational and active. The park rangers lead historical and nature-oriented programming, including activities like birdwatching and winter hikes. This weekend, I’m thinking about joining up with their walking tour of Union Square. Check out the offerings and find a way to incorporate a low-stress, informative, and engaging activity into your day that still allows you to break a sweat.


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