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Make sure to come to LeFrak Gymnasium today between 11 AM and 11 PM for Barnard’s 6th Annual Stationary Bike-A-Thon. Come get in your workout and support Columbia Community Service!

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n125052_35792472_9649Have you ever wondered what would happen if two awesome dance groups hosted a semi-formal with one of the most kickin’ bands in New York, in one of the biggest dance spaces in New York? Well, we’re going to find out.

Brought to you by CU Swing and CU Ballroom, the magnificent George Gee and his eleven piece band, the Jump, Jive, and Wailers, will be playing in Roone Arledge Auditorium on Friday, March 6th!

Don’t know how to partner dance? No problem! There will be a free, one hour lesson from 8-9 PM in Lerner c555, where we will teach the basics of both swing and ballroom.

Now, how much do you think this would normally cost? 20 dollars? 30 dollars? Well, how about for free? That’s right, this amazing event is free, as long as you RSVP to Francesco Michelassi at fem2104@columbia.edu by Thursday, March 5th.

What happens if you’re not able to RSVP by Thursday? Don’t fret, dance-o-philes, the lesson will still be free, and the dancing itself will only cost 5 dollars!

So brush off your suspenders and swishy skirts, and get ready to dance at the Swingin’ Ballroom Madness!

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Yesterday afternoon, while passing through Barnard Hall, I stopped to check out the table set up to promote Celebration of Black Womanhood Week. I noticed a free yoga class on their list of events, and emailed one of the coordinators, Taylor Johnson, BC ’09, to find out more:

Celebration of Black Womanhood Week is a time-honored tradition at
Barnard. This year the theme is Promoting Positive Connections: It all
adds up. Make it count. Each day of the week we have focused on a
different component of positive lifestyles. On Friday we would love for
people to join us as we focus on taking care of yourself. There will be a
free yoga class offered at 1pm in Weber Lounge, followed by DIY manicures
in the Zora Neale Hurston Lounge. Come to de-stress and beautify!!!!

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Participating in intramural athletics is a great way to enjoy sports and get some exercise, without the pressure and commitment of joining a varsity team. You don’t have to be the MVP-there are no tryouts to speak of. Thankfully for us, Barnard College offers several intramurals open to undergraduate students at Barnard, Columbia College, and SEAS, as well as faculty and staff.

You can still register to participate in inner-tube water polo, beach tennis, women’s lacrosse, and team handball during the spring semester. The Physical Education Department is also offering registration for a Bike-A-Thon, a Brooklyn Bridge Run, and a Barnard Bike Tour. To register and for more information, visit the Spring 2009 intramurals website and submit the short form or report to the Physical Education office, 206 Barnard, to pick up a form.

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Looking for a cheaper way to take workout classes? As the semester gears up (once again…), check out Barnard and Columbia’s non-credit fitness classes. These fun, once or twice weekly group sessions will strengthen your body and your resolve to work out. Currently, the Barnard FITbear program offers four “passes” to class – cardio, yoga, pilates, and sculpt at prices ranging from $20 to $60 (depending on the number of times you plan to attend per week). At Columbia, they offer many more options for classes at a slightly higher price. Most classes at meet once per week cost $36 to attend, and $48 dollars to go twice a week. These classes also tend to be more crowded than those offered at Barnard.


For a complete schedule of classes at Barnard, click here: http://barnard.edu/fitbear/fitness.htm

And at Columbia: http://www.gocolumbialions.com//pdf4/370073.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=9600


To register for Barnard classes, bring cash or check to 206 Barnard Hall in the exact amount of your class. Registration continues until the first day of class (February 1st). To register at Columbia, report to the Lou Gherig Lounge on the 3rd floor of Dodge between February 4-6 (MT 8-2, 4-6, W 8-2) with cash, check or credit card. Or use a credit card and go to this website to pre-register: http://online.activecommunities.com/columbiarecreation/Activities/Activities.asp?SCheck=909981645&SDT=39840.4057994213   Classes begin February 7th.

For questions, feel free to contact: fitbear@barnard.edu OR barnardbarbelle@gmail.com.

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As someone who exercises most every day, I often reach a burnout point with cardio equipment, weight training routines, and too-often jogged paths. This New Years, I made a fitness resolution not to increase my workouts, but instead to find ways to build exercise into my day in a way that engages not only my muscles but my mind. I’ve incorporated new dance and aerobics classes into my weekly mix of workouts, because the choreography requires me to stay present and mindful of my body. Instead of pushing myself to go harder or farther, I challenge myself to commit a new skill to muscle memory. I also eliminated one standard gym workout per week. Rather than plateau, or worse, frustrate myself into avoiding exercise altogether, I try to find an activity every weekend where I can both move and see new things. One weekend I walked from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to Midtown with a friend, window shopping and running errands. Another week, I just took the stairs everywhere that day, and did some pushups and ab workouts in my room. Anything to be outside the gym, without the stress of changing clothes or the annoyance of having forgotten socks, a magazine, or deodorant.

So, as part of my resolution, I’ve discovered the Upcoming Events calendar on the website of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Many of the parks offer walking tours, which are both educational and active. The park rangers lead historical and nature-oriented programming, including activities like birdwatching and winter hikes. This weekend, I’m thinking about joining up with their walking tour of Union Square. Check out the offerings and find a way to incorporate a low-stress, informative, and engaging activity into your day that still allows you to break a sweat.

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The cover from 2004's Annual Fitness Special

Perhaps “freebies” is an exageration, but the January 8 – 14, 2009 edition of Time Out New York ran a great article on the best fitness deals in the city. For those willing to hop on the train to mix up their workout routine, they highlight great offers at different private gyms and yoga/pilates centers. While most do cost more than just going over to Dodge, all are great options if you just can’t stomach another stuffy afternoon on the Arc Trainer watching joggers circle the track. If you want to check out the whole issue (I recommend reading their amusing poll of personal trainers), the Barnard Library has a copy. Find it on the second floor, on the magazine shelves to the back right corner. You may have to open the shelf and dig around, since only the current issue is displayed.

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