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Looking for a cheaper way to take workout classes? As the semester gears up (once again…), check out Barnard and Columbia’s non-credit fitness classes. These fun, once or twice weekly group sessions will strengthen your body and your resolve to work out. Currently, the Barnard FITbear program offers four “passes” to class – cardio, yoga, pilates, and sculpt at prices ranging from $20 to $60 (depending on the number of times you plan to attend per week). At Columbia, they offer many more options for classes at a slightly higher price. Most classes at meet once per week cost $36 to attend, and $48 dollars to go twice a week. These classes also tend to be more crowded than those offered at Barnard.


For a complete schedule of classes at Barnard, click here: http://barnard.edu/fitbear/fitness.htm

And at Columbia: http://www.gocolumbialions.com//pdf4/370073.pdf?DB_OEM_ID=9600


To register for Barnard classes, bring cash or check to 206 Barnard Hall in the exact amount of your class. Registration continues until the first day of class (February 1st). To register at Columbia, report to the Lou Gherig Lounge on the 3rd floor of Dodge between February 4-6 (MT 8-2, 4-6, W 8-2) with cash, check or credit card. Or use a credit card and go to this website to pre-register: http://online.activecommunities.com/columbiarecreation/Activities/Activities.asp?SCheck=909981645&SDT=39840.4057994213   Classes begin February 7th.

For questions, feel free to contact: fitbear@barnard.edu OR barnardbarbelle@gmail.com.


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