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Earth Day is approaching quickly — April 22 — and publications are gearing up for their “green issues.”  There are lists of eco-friendly gifts, home improvements, and fashion choices.  One of the trendy catch phrases, “sustainable eating,” is being re-fashioned as thrifty rather than just a goal for the wealthy.  Sustainability, however, doesn’t just have to apply to the food we eat, whether we eat organic, local, home grown, or just plain ol’ on-sale foods.  We can apply the ideas of sustainability to our fitness practices as well.  Here are some fantastic ideas from GreenLivingIdeas.com:

Run outdoors to conserve energy and to enjoy the spring weather

Run outdoors to conserve energy and to enjoy the spring weather

1) Spend more time outside. Running on a trail or track doesn’t require the electricity that a treadmill does.  Many public spaces also rely on volunteers, and volunteering in conservation activities like gardening or trail building can be a solid workout.  Making a trip to the countryside, national park, or local farm to hike or explore can be a refreshing substitute to the gym.  Meeting with outdoor workout buddies can provide the same comradery and motivation of the gym.

Interesting note: A gym in Portland, Green Microgym, uses the stationary bicycles to produce the electricity used to power the treadmills.

2) Make your commute active. A commute can be a chance to get aerobic exercise rather that a chance to catch up on the latest issue of a favorite magazine.  Green choices can include walking or cycling rather than taking the subway or bus.  Even walking the extra blocks to the subway rather than taking a taxi conserves energy.

Aluminum, BPA-free Water Bottle

3) Make your own energy bars. Energy bars can be made with fresh fruit, honey, granola, and nuts to fuel up before or during your workout.  Making your own saves on packaging and unnecessary processing.

4) Use reusable water bottles. Rather than using fresh, disposable water bottles for every workout, invest in a BPA-free water bottle like SIGG or Nalgene.

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Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about BPA and the dangers of plastic water bottles.  But, if you’re like me, plastic water bottles just seem convenient, cheap and easy to use.  I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the perfect steel water bottle and I think I’ve finally found it.  I noticed one of my friends had a really cute pink steel water bottle, she told me it was a “Kleen Kanteen”.  When I got home I searched for them on amazon and I found them!   They come in a bunch of different sizes: 12, 18, 27 and 40 ounce bottles, and some really great colors!  At first the water bottle seemed a little pricy to me at 25 dollars, but after doing some math I realized that by buying two plastic water bottles a day at $1 each I would quickly spend more then 25 dollars in just a month!  So I got myself a Kleen Kanteen; they’re cute, environmentally friendly and will keep you healthy!!!!

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