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DONT set your goal to be: I want to look like this person.  Shes a drawing!

DON'T set your goal to be: "I want to look like this person." She's a drawing!

This Monday’s Metro had a great article about setting fitness goals for yourself.  Personally, I think now is a great time to start working out, because many people’s New Year’s resolutions are slowing down, which means that gyms should hopefully be relatively empty.  Also, seriously people, any time is a great time to start getting healthy. According to the article, here are some recommendations from Jillian Michaels, one of the trainers from The Biggest Loser:  First, it is important to “establish a long term goal.”  She recommends that you even write it down so that it’s concrete and you don’t forget.  Importantly, make sure this goal is achievable: “If you set your goals too high, that is a sure way to fail.”  Second, you have to have confidence that you will succeed – “if you feel powerless and subconsciously believe you’re going to fail – you will.” In the article, Jillian also enumerates three tips to help you start getting healthy.  1 – keep a fitness diary.  Personally, I do this, and I love it.  Weight Watchers even has a point system based on exertion and length of time for each exercise, so I give myself points for every exercise I do, and the points add up over the week. It’s really fun at the end of the week to see how many I’ve earned.  You have to be a member to use their points calculator, but try coming up with your own system.  For example, 1 point for each half hour of cardio you do.  Try ending up with at least 7 by the end of the week so that you averaged the recommended one half hour a day.    2 – Remind yourself of your goals.  If you did actually write them down, put them in a place where you can easily read them.  When you do so, Jillian says, “reaffirm your belief in yourself and think of yourself as strong, healthy, and happy. 3 – Identify your emotional triggers.  Stress is a big one for me personally, so I try to think of other things besides eating to help deal with it.  I’m not always successful, but at least I recognize why I’m eating, and that it’s not because I’m hungry.

Taken from the METRO New York, Monday, March 2nd p7.

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We all know the importance of attainable goals.  These goals motivate and challenge us without setting us up for failure due to our unrealistic expectations.  It is important to set training goals to keep ourselves focused.  Goals can be as simple as going from 7.5 lbs to 10 lbs when doing arm exercises.  Or working from running at a 6.5 mph to a 7.0 mph pace in a month.  Or incorporating 20 more minutes of activity into the day.

Attainable goals are:

Post it everywhere!

Post it everywhere!

1) Reasonable

Make goals that make sense for your body and fitness level.  If you are addicted to caffeine and want to start eating healthy, start by trying to drink one less cup a day for a week, then another.  Or you can try switching to caffeinated tea and wean yourself that way.  If you can only run a mile before you get tired, don’t set a goal to be able to run 7 miles by the end of the month.  Running 3-4 miles would be more reasonable.  Work yourself up slowly, but don’t give up!

2) Quantifiable

Use numbers!  Be specific.  Write down the number of reps you want to be able to complete, the amount of weight you want to be able to lift, the amount of miles you want to be able to run, the pace you want to meet, the incline or resistance you want to push through.  The more specific you make your goals, the more reachable they will seem.

3) Challenging

Don’t be afraid to push yourself.  Run for another half a mile.  Twist up the resistance another notch on the bike.  When your goal seems to be just beyond your reach, you will be able to find new levels within yourself.  Be excited about rising to meet a challenge.

4) Not bulletproof

Forgive yourself if you have a lapse back into your old habits or make an unhealthy choice now an again.  Being too strict on yourself will make your goals more daunting, leading to frustration and lack of motivation.  Be positive!  Don’t give up.  Tomorrow is a new day.

5) Written down

If you write down your goals and post them in a place where you will see them often (on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror), you will stay more focused.

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