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Derivatives of martial arts are gaining popularity among traditional workouts. Not only do physical education classes at Columbia include judo and karate, there are also numerous martial arts clubs offered to the entire Columbia community.

Kung Fu, the Chinese martial art, encompasses various styles, including Ving Tsun. Having the basic principle, “save time, save energy, save distance,” Ving Tsun emphasizes efficiency, specifically, producing the most impact with the least amount of effort. Learning and practicing this particular style of Kung Fu aids in the development of both physical and mental strength. Because Ving Tsun emphasizes speed and efficiency, and is very much an aerobic exercise, you develop stamina, strength, and flexibility without adding on the bulk that can come from conventional exercise routines.

I have never been one of those people who enjoy working out for the sake of working out. Therefore, when I started at Columbia, I looked for an activity that boasted a rigorous exercise routine that was also interactive and and multi-dimensional. During Moy Yee Kung Fu Club practices, students work with each other and the instructors to develop their individual Ving Tsun techniques. They rotate from activity to activity, including but not limited to hand drills, kicks, and forms. For me, Kung Fu is everything I want in a regular workout and more: strength training, stamina development, mental hardening, social interaction, and a proven effective self-defense technique. As vice president of Columbia’s Moy Yee Kung Fu Club, I encourage all those out there who are looking to get in shape and have a good time doing it to check out one of our practices.

Carol Li
Vice President
CU Moy Yee Kung Fu Club

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