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Today’s daily apply  may introduce some of you to something new, but to some of you, this entry will just remind you of how great you felt when you last enjoyed fruit paste with savory cheese. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little motivation while we study. My motivation is having a light flavorful snack next to me while I read or write a paper. Recently, I stopped by a Spanish supermarket and I stumbled upon one of my favorite desserts and snacks as a child, guava paste. I love guava fruit because the flavor is very intense. Guava paste can be eaten alone, with crackers or bread, but it is usually paired with cheese. The Spanish pair the fruit paste with Manchego cheese. There are a couple of fruit pastes around, and they are usually sold in specialty or health stores like Whole Foods. Another of my favorite is Quince Paste. Some of these fruit pastes can be high in sugar, so I encourage you to compare a couple of brands and choose the one with less added sugar. As a snack, you can slice Manchego or any other creamy cheese (white cheese works best, but I find guava and cheddar is delicious too!) and top it with a slice of the fruit paste. I think that this is a great snack because it’s super tasty, but it’s also light and healthy. The fruit paste is made from real fruit, so you get good things like fiber to sustain you while you study, and the cheese provides you with calcium.

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With the onset of spring comes the chirping of birds, brightly colored flowers, warm weather, and, oh yeah, final exams. As the stress escalates, and the trips to the library become more frequent, eating healthily can drop on your list of priorities. Instead of reaching for that tempting bowl of candy, try munching on a true power snack. A healthy snack will fuel your study sessions and prevent a sugar crash! Here are some tasty and economical snack ideas:

1) Bananas- according to nutritiondata.com, bananas contain a high amount of potassium which will prevent your fingers from getting “writers cramp.” For a more filling snack, try dipping in peanut butter.

2) Popcorn- Popcorn is actually a very healthy snack, as long as it is not drenched in butter. According to Discovery Health, popcorn contains dietary fiber and whole grains. 100 calorie packs allow for built-in portion control.

3) Yogurt- Yogurt is great because it provides calcium and a delicious taste. To appease those warm weather ice cream cravings, try freezing a container [Editors note: Barbellina Avigail loves freezing Gogurt and eating it like a health push-pop].

4) Veggies with Hummus- Try dipping assorted veggies (such as carrots, celery, and asparagus) in hummus. According to thatsfit.com, hummus is a great source of vegetarian protein.

5) Pretzels Dipped in Nutella- Satisfy your sweet-salty craving with this delicious snack. Aim for whole-wheat pretzels for an even healthier snack.

6) Rice Cakes Topped with Greek Yogurt- This may sound weird but boy does it taste good! Spread one rice cake with fat-free greek yogurt, drizzle a bit of honey on top and you are set!

7) Butternut Squash “Fries”-Most people do not think of butternut squash when they think of snacks, but trust me, these fries are little bundles of joy. According to whfoods.com, butternut squash is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as potassium and dietary fiber. Just cut up one butternut squash, place pieces on a baking sheet and bake for approximately fifteen minutes at 350 degrees (F).


What are your favorite study snacks? Please leave a comment letting us know!

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