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Looking for something to do this weekend?  Well, I have an awesome solution for you. There are exciting events going on at Bakers field this weekend, and you should try to make it out for them (especially if the weather holds up!)  What could be more fun than spending a few hours outside watching some  great sports?  What am I talking about?  You guessed it – Rugby, one of the most fun spectator sports in existence!!!  The men have events from 2-5 on Saturday, and from the looks of the Facebook event, it’s going to be a well-attended festivity.  The women’s game is on Sunday with a kickoff at 11 30 am.  So, put on those Columbia colors, take the 1 to 215th St and walk up to 218th for a rocking good time this weekend.


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Hey sports loving enthusiasts! I’m using this opportunity  to promote what has been by far one of my favorite activities in my four years of college – RUGBY!!!! I joined the team spring of freshman year, and its been INCREDIBLE! Club sports are just like intramurals – they’re not a lot of pressure, and all skill levels are welcome.  Except they’re even more awesome because you get to travel, and if you’re looking for something that requires a little more commitment, club sports are better.  Personally, in my very-biased opinion – rugby is your best option.  Its really big on college campuses, but not so big in high schools, meaning that basically everyone is starting at the beginning, so you don’t have to worry or feel intimidated AT ALL. Additionally, it’s a super social sport – which means you’ll never be lacking something to do – the rugby team goes out together at least once a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times.  Plus, you have the obvious benefits of getting a great workout and meeting a really fun and accepting group of people (which, admittedly, is true of any club sport you play).

For more information on club sports at Columbia, you can go to the club sports website.  There’s contact information there for the presidents of all the teams.  Alternatively, you can pick up a flyer in the entrance to Dodge.

I’ve always been big on organized sports, and first semester of freshman year it was something I REALLY missed.  So, if you’re like me, joining a club sports team can really change your college experience for the better – take it from someone who knows.

And one last plug for rugby to be the sport you join: check out our website, where you can see just how awesome we really are.

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Participating in intramural athletics is a great way to enjoy sports and get some exercise, without the pressure and commitment of joining a varsity team. You don’t have to be the MVP-there are no tryouts to speak of. Thankfully for us, Barnard College offers several intramurals open to undergraduate students at Barnard, Columbia College, and SEAS, as well as faculty and staff.

You can still register to participate in inner-tube water polo, beach tennis, women’s lacrosse, and team handball during the spring semester. The Physical Education Department is also offering registration for a Bike-A-Thon, a Brooklyn Bridge Run, and a Barnard Bike Tour. To register and for more information, visit the Spring 2009 intramurals website and submit the short form or report to the Physical Education office, 206 Barnard, to pick up a form.

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If you’re like me,  you enjoy playing sports and hanging out with friends. Sometimes, hanging out with your friends includes playing sports, but that’s not always the case. If you want to play basketball, for example, you could play 1 on 1, but its much more fun to play with full sides of 5 on 5. Even if you have 10 friends that like to play basketball, it’s usually hard to find a time when everyone is willing and available. So what are your options? First, intramurals and club sports at Columbia are always a great option. There are flyers by the entrance to Dodge, the Columbia gym, with contact information for all the teams. Also, you can check out the bulletin in front of the gym in Barnard Hall for information about signing up for Barnard intramurals. If you’re looking to get off campus, to explore the city, or to join a fitness group that’s not sports-focused, there are also options. There’s a great site called “meetup.com” where you can type in any sort of interest and find out where you can meet other people with the same interest. I typed in “fitness” and found options for women’s boxing and day trips of hiking and walking. So whatever your fitness interest may be, if you want to pursue it while meeting other people around the city, try hitting up meetup.com.

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