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n125052_35792472_9649Have you ever wondered what would happen if two awesome dance groups hosted a semi-formal with one of the most kickin’ bands in New York, in one of the biggest dance spaces in New York? Well, we’re going to find out.

Brought to you by CU Swing and CU Ballroom, the magnificent George Gee and his eleven piece band, the Jump, Jive, and Wailers, will be playing in Roone Arledge Auditorium on Friday, March 6th!

Don’t know how to partner dance? No problem! There will be a free, one hour lesson from 8-9 PM in Lerner c555, where we will teach the basics of both swing and ballroom.

Now, how much do you think this would normally cost? 20 dollars? 30 dollars? Well, how about for free? That’s right, this amazing event is free, as long as you RSVP to Francesco Michelassi at fem2104@columbia.edu by Thursday, March 5th.

What happens if you’re not able to RSVP by Thursday? Don’t fret, dance-o-philes, the lesson will still be free, and the dancing itself will only cost 5 dollars!

So brush off your suspenders and swishy skirts, and get ready to dance at the Swingin’ Ballroom Madness!

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