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There is no better way to prepare for swim-suit season than by donning a swim-suit and swimming. Sound crazy? According to an article on cnn.com, swimming is a great sport for the following reasons.

1) Swimming involves using almost all your muscles

2) It improves lung function.

-tones arms, shoulders, and legs

-reduces mental stress

Most importantly, swimming can be a ton of fun! At the bottom of this post I have included a 30 minute workout targeted to the middle-level swimmer. So go grab your goggles, your swim cap, your yellow polka dot bikini and hop right in!

Warm Up: 400 yards freestyle swim

300 yards freestyle pull (with a leg buoy)

200 yards kick (with a kickboard)

100 yards freestyle swim

Main Set:  4 X 100 IM swim (fly, back, breast, freestyle)

3 X 200 Freestyle swim

2X 100 IM swim

1X 300 Freestyle (Descend speed on each 50)

Warm Down: 6 X 50 Alternate between easy breaststroke and freestyle.

In case you are a new swimmer, in the Columbia pool (at Dodge Fitness Center) 25 yards = 1 length of the pool, 50 yards = 2 lengths etc. The Barnard pool (in the basement of Barnard Hall) is only 20 yards, so 100 yards = 5 lengths.

More great workouts can be found at www.swimmingworldmagazine.com

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