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Lately, I have been feeling the stress of school, especialy with finals creeping up on me.  We all know that physical exercise can help us relieve stress…but sometimes exercise just seems to take up a lot of time and money.  Well, I can’t help make exercise not take up time but I can help with the financial aspect.   This month, a yoga studio called Yoga Works is having a promotion where they offer a free introductory class almost every day!  They are also having a promotion where you can go to classes for two weeks for only $30!!!!  The Yoga Works website features a class schedule and descriptions of the classes.  So don’t stress. Just grab your yoga mat and breathe!

Yoga Works is located at 37 W 65th St

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naked-yoga-pictureAs a disclaimer, I should admit that I am super confident-borderlining-cocky when it comes to my appearance.  Sure, I have my blah days when I feel like Mr. Snuffleupagus’ unattractive cousin (come on, don’t act like you didn’t watch Sesame Street religiously).  Most days though, I love the way I look.  Curves, extra inches, stretches of cellulite – I still think I’m smokin’.  Perhaps due to this, I’m fond of workouts that are body-conscious and fun.  Latin dancing, striptease aerobics, hula-hooping – count me in!  That’s why naked yoga in the city naturally seems like the next step.  Offered on Monday evenings from 7-8:30pm, Naked Yoga mixes groups of beginning and advanced level participants to enjoy basic hatha yoga moves.  After reading several reviews, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many of the yoga-goers did not come across as exhibitionist at all.  Instead, they maintained the opinion that naked yoga isn’t simply about being naked;  it’s about being confident with your natural body and being open with yourself and others.  In fact, the creator of Naked Yoga in Union Square, Wendy Tremayne, emphasizes this openness and trust in all of her classes.      

 While I may enjoy quirky ways of getting a workout in, I’m not sure If I’m ready to bare all in front of others.  Maybe that will change, maybe it won’t.  But that’s ok.  For now, I think I’ll try it  – in the comfort and privacy of my bedroom.            

Does working up a raw sweat and meeting other like-minded people sound good to you?  Email Wendy at nakedyoga-request@gaiatreehouse.com to join a class.   Single sessions are $15, and packages of 10 run $120.  And remember, bring your own mat!

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When I was in fifth grade, I joined my town’s swim team and learned that I was a natural breast-stroker.  Unlike many of my teammates who had to run drills with kickboards to get it just right, the rhythm of the breaststroke was something that made sense to me innately.  Having never before excelled at anything athletic, I reveled in my newfound talent.  I didn’t mind the laps of free style or back stroke, because I knew if I pushed through those I could rejoice in my breastroke.

Unfortunately, with the introduction of the butterfly my delight with swim team practice ended. There was nothing innate about my ability to do the butterfly.  I didn’t understand how to lift my arms, the technique of the dolphin kick, or when I was supposed to breathe amidst all that splashing.  Practice after practice, I would break the stroke down, kicking the legs then stroking the arms separately, eventually, and unsuccessfully, trying to bring them together.  Not too many weeks later, I quit the town swim team.

Since swim team, quitting has been the unfortunate thread running through my athletic career.  I quit karate when I reached a level that demanded serious and more frequent practices.  I quit cross-country after an embarrassing finish at my first meet.  I quit volleyball because pre-season was too demanding.  I even quit ballet, an activity I had always dreamed of pursuing, because I decided the commute to class was too far.

I am not proud of my athletic record, nor do I completely understand it.  In most other spheres of my life—academic, extracurricular, work-related, social—quitting is not an option. I have realized, as most Barnard students do, that the good grade, the rewarding internship, the study abroad adventure, even the successful relationship, require perseverance through challenges.  So why, when I hit the pool or the gym or the ballet bar, does my dedicated mantra fly out the window? (more…)

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